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thesis statement help

Hey there. I was just wondering if someone could correct any grammar mistakes in this, for I'm sure they exist:

John Steinbeck’s novella, Of Mice and Men, clearly shows an utter disregard for females and blatantly accentuates their characters flaws and strips them of all integrity and honor; for example, stereotyping them as common whores, stating, directly or indirectly, that they are always the source of trouble, saying that women are the property of and therefore need men, implying that all women should be suspected of taking part in infidelity, and having an overall bias toward the male gender, thus depicting all women to be disloyal, deceitful, and generally dreadful beings.

Here is what I'm doing, if you're interested. Please do advise me of any changes that I, in your opinion, should make in order to have a better thesis statement. I am utterly at a loss for any intelligent thoughts, and this baby is due tomorrow, ha! It would help if you've read Of Mice and Men, but any advice is appreciated!

I have an assigment to use the feminist criticism to analyze John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men. I have already compiled a beefy list of broad subjects to speak on, but I need help applying thoughts of feminism to it.

Here are the better subjects on which I will probably mention:

Feminine (whore-like) stereotyping
Women cause trouble
Women are property of men
Women have whore-like tendencies
“Curley’s wife” – never given a name
No main girl parts
Women have ulterior motives to seduce men
Women are inferior
Manly stereotype?
Women need men
Women are all the same – bad
Men possessive of women
Women not to be trusted
Infidelity associated with women
Okay to objectify women
Men can be unfaithful, but they expect “their women” to be 100% faithful to them

What I need to do now is research theories and beliefs of feminism in order to argue these statements. I know very little on the subject, so I was wondering if you could offer advice on where some good sources are, or just with your own information. For example, take the idea of the sterotype of a woman in the book. I would be looking for perhaps a feminist who spoke on the matter, or just the broad, general attitude that there is on this among feminists.

I'm terribly sorry if that made no sense, but I might as well try. Thank you in advance!
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